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NEXT STEP was formed to answer the clarion call and address the needs of youth attending our local schools. Our programs lay the groundwork for the transition to the next level of education and life. By helping equip students with the necessary tools to successfully complete each grade level, students gain the competency and confidence required to handle the challenges of life beyond high school. By cultivating an environment for academic achievement and community involvement, students are motivated to become personally responsible for their education, their community and their future.


• After School Tutorial Program & Study Hall

• Enrichment Activities

• Next Generation Mentoring Program




The mission of the NEXT STEP AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM is to make sure that children and youth have access to high quality, safe, and supervised academic, enrichment, and recreation programs that motivate learning and achievement beyond the regular school day.




Every child and youth should have a safe place to be in the presence of a responsible and caring adult while engaging in activities that support achievement and promote social, emotional, and physical development beyond the regular school day which brings us to the NEXT STEP.




After School Education & Safety, Youth Health & Nutrition, Mentorship, New Faith Temple CDC Computer Lab, Recreational and Enrichment programs provide a safe place for students to go after school, as well as opportunities for education and development. The three components of the programs include:


  1. Academic Tutorial Program: Students study subjects such as Reading, Math, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Computers. In addition, high school programs will focus on college preparation and job readiness.


  1. Recreational Program: Students participate in physical activities including Sports, Games, and Structured Physical Activity.


  1. Enrichment Program: Students participate in classes such as Life Skills, Cooking, Art, and Music.




There's no question that today's youth need safe, stimulating places to go after school.


  • More than 28 million school-age children have parents who work outside of the home during after school hours (US Department of Labor, 2003).


  • Of the 28 million school-age children, 14.3 million are left to look after themselves when the school day ends. (America After 3 PM, May 2004).


  • The average cost of center-based daycare in the United States is $11,666 per year ($972 a month), but prices range from $3,582 to $18,773 a year ($300 to $1,564 monthly), according to the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA).


  • Working mothers' number one concern is the safety of their children, especially in the after school hours. These fears outrank concerns about the quality or funding of their education.


  • Research shows that the peak hours for juvenile crime, sexual activity, experimentation with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes peak between the hours of 3p.m. to 6p.m. (Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, 2002)


After school programs make a difference!


  • Teens who participate in after school programs are three times LESS likely to skip classes than teens who do participate. They are also three times LESS likely to use drugs, consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes and engage in sexual activity. (YMCA USA, March 2001)

  • Parents reported that their child's after school program helped them balance work and family life (Policy Studies Associates, Inc. February 2001):


  • 60% of students said they missed less work than they had previously because of the program.


  • 59% of students said that it supported them in keeping their jobs.


Youth Health & Nutrition Program

New Faith Temple Community Development Corporation’s youth nutrition program helps feed children by serving healthy meals during the NEXT STEP AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM.


The nutrition program will provide a meal during program hours, Monday through Friday to all children in attendance. The program will also operate activities for children that are safe and fun. Children receive complete, wholesome meals, and parents receive help in stretching their food dollars.




New Faith Temple Community Development Corporation is presenting an opportunity for qualified adults to also increase their life worth by providing support in the life of a child who needs a mentor.


“Who knows but what God has brought us through this child”

This program assist youth through the support and guidance of a mentor to improve academic performance; improve interpersonal relationships between children and their peers, teachers, other adults, and family members; reduce dropout rates; and reduce juvenile delinquency and gang involvement.


The mission of the Mentoring Program is to grow our own internal talent by providing the participants with leadership challenges and developmental opportunities. Participants will also be helping to create and shape a tool that can benefit a wider audience of your colleagues in the future.  Lastly, but most important is the ability to shape, mold and impact youth and the family that will prove beneficial for our community, society and the world.


New Faith Temple CDC Computer Lab

The Computer Lab, also known as the Education Lab, is located on the Lower Level floor of the New Faith Temple COGIC.


It contains several models of Macintosh and PC computers which can be used for word processing, databases, spreadsheets, and presentations. Students have access to the world wide web and teleconferencing equipment for research and training. The lab is used to provide the training mandated by our desire to increase technology education in order to enhance career improvement.  In a nutshell, that's why we love after school!

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Interested in signing up and seeing what we have to offer?  We'd love to meet you at our upcoming open house.

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